Mood Disorders

Emotional state or mood is distorted or inconsistent with your life circumstances

What are Mood Disorders?

Up to 16% of the population will be affected by clinical depression at any one time.  Depressive and Bipolar Mood Disorders are very prevalent and rob those who suffer from them of the quality of their lives.  These disorders are varied and nuanced, requiring evaluation by an experienced and educated physician.  

Depression is more than just feeling sad on a given day or experiencing normal grief over a major loss. Depression and Bipolar Mood Disorders affect many areas of functioning, including sleep patterns; appetite; energy levels; interest levels in and motivation to engage in activities of life; judgment and one’s ability to enjoy the things we love in life.   

Many mood disorders are misdiagnosed, thus incorrectly treated due to the short amount of time physicians typically have to spend with patients covered by insurance payments. To ensure you receive the correct diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Cox spends the time needed to do a thorough evaluation which may include psychological testing and genetic testing as well as learning about the specifics of the lives of her patients.  Dr. Cox will work with you to tailor a treatment plan that is unique to your individual needs.

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