Frequently Asked Questions

Important things you need to know

What types of disorders do you treat?

I treat a wide range of patient needs, from insight-oriented psychotherapy to mood , anxiety, psychotic, attention-deficit, trauma-induced and substance abuse disorders.

Do you offer Multi-Person Therapy?

Yes, I’m able to do psychotherapy and/or medications for individuals, couples, families and groups. I’m also able to accompany patients to their other doctor’s appointments, should it be required. 

Can I pay through my Insurance?

No, I do not except insurance for payment. Concierge Psychiatry allows the provider to work with the patient to design their treatment plan and care in a way that best suits the patient, not the insurance company. 

Can I bill my Insurance for reimbursement?

Yes you can! Your payment goes directly to us as the treatment provider however, our staff can provide bills that you can send to your insurance company for reimbursement, directly to you.

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Providing Concierge Psychiatry with no Insurance Restrictions locally in Temecula, Murrieta and all of California in person and online.

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