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Diplomat American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology


I have been practicing Psychiatry for 22 years, since graduating my residency program at the University of Colorado.  I have experience treating a wide range of patient needs, from insight-oriented psychotherapy to mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, attention-deficit disorders, trauma-induced disorders and substance abuse disorders. I incorporate into my treatment plans, healthy lifestyle coaching, nutritional and exercise guidance as well as mindfulness training to reduce anxiety and increase your sense of wellness. I love treating the individual, as a whole human being, not just their brain chemistry.  Our time together will be designed to fill your specific needs. When patients require treatment modalities outside my scope of practice, I am able to refer you to others who are able to meet those needs.  

My Experience

I have worked in inpatient and outpatient settings; addiction treatment settings and in both the public and private sectors.  This wide variety has helped me to understand the challenges unique to every socioeconomic strata and to all age ranges. I specifically chose Psychiatry due to the opportunity it brings to understand and treat the whole human being.  I find it intensely rewarding to be able to assist with and witness my patients’ journeys to healthier, happier lives. In my opinion, the mind and body are vastly interconnected and must be approached as a whole. I approach healing in that holistic way, by addressing the individual’s biology, psychology, relationships, lifestyle, nutrition and level of activity, to help each person achieve total health.  We become as we think and believe, leaving the possibilities for achieving total wellness, endless. It is not my goal to keep patients in my practice, indefinitely. It is my goal to assist them to a place where they no longer need my assistance, accept as they choose. 

My Approach

The process of getting to know my patients is very important.  It requires we spend a period of time together usually an hour to 90 minutes, in which we will discuss, in depth, your history, symptoms, concerns, challenge and gifts.  Family or significant others and other loved ones are welcome to attend this process, should you desire. We will cover your childhood; family of origin; educational, occupational and relationship history, as well as any other information pertinent to your presenting situation and needs.  

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